Idea and Choice

         What is an idea? Is it a plan or is it a man? Actually it’s neither of them, because you can destroy a man and his plan but you cannot destroy an idea. A man can be killed, buried and forgotten but his idea can still last and change the world. We are all here to create ideas, believe in them and implement. But why do we have to create so many ideas? Ah yes, that’s my favorite question. It is because all ideas do not change the world or change ourselves, for that matter. You have to catch many fishes to get the best fish. The best way to have a good idea is to have lot of them. It’s the best idea that we want to work for. And that brings me to another interesting question – which one of them is the best idea? Well, it’s a matter of choice. We are different from each other because of the choices we make. It’s the choice between your ideas that define you or destroy you. We have witnessed the power of choice and the power of an idea, through the countless successful people around. And what happens when we have made the choice? Ah, now we are asking the right question. When you have made the choice, take it and plant it deep into your subconscious. And then you should chase it like a mad dog chasing cars.
        An idea is simple in the mind. It’s only when we try to work on it that we realize it’s much more complex. But a great idea is always resilient. Once it has taken hold of your brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate it. Now, its not you who possess the idea actually, but instead the idea possess you. Since, it’s the idea that is controlling your mind and your mind in turn controls you, which means the idea controls you! So, now you cannot eradicate the idea but what you can always do is improvise. Since, a man is known for his idea; no one would want to be known for the wrong one. Add to this my personal feeling – ‘no idea’ is better than a ‘wrong idea’. As one of my school teachers used to say – it’s easier to write on an empty slate than to erase the wrong things and write again
       And that’s my whole point – choice! *Snap*, we have an idea, *snap* we have chosen it. Period. Because the snap doesn’t work further. We all have ideas and we keep getting them, but adequately put, the problem is choice. 

Just like several other people, I am left with nothing but to choose. The time has come to make a choice -- Either I choose to be doing what I do or I choose to cultivate the idea.

(Inspired from movies -- The Matrix, V for Vendetta and Inception)
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Vikrant Pawar said...

Hey nice post,

Though I am not pretty sure what is Wrong Idea, i read it as 'bad idea' hence I will differ to saying - ‘no idea’ is better than a ‘wrong idea’ - It can not be, having something is always better then nothing, same logic should apply here. Unless and until you have some idea you can not differentiate between good and wrong.

Please correct me if you have some other definition of "Wrong Idea"

So keep thinking - That's a take away for me.

Suresh Choudhary said...

Firstly, thank you. Its encouraging that people come here, read and are open for discussions ! :)

The 'something is always better then nothing' is true in all the materialistic things. But for things like 'Idea', this cannot be true. A wrong idea may generally come by influence, you see something somewhere and get excited -- you get an idea and work for it, but if that's not your type, then you have messed things up!
'Wrong idea' may also mean a destructive idea or an idea which you feel is productive at first look but in reality its not!
I feel its like being in a wrong profession, wrong relationship or wrong surrounding!
I hope I have not created questions in an attempt to answer them ...

विनायक said...
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विनायक said...

Hey, nice thought process.
Here are my thoughts on the idea.
There are no "right" or "wrong" or "bad" ideas.
All ideas are just ideas. It is always how we implement them what is the motive behind the implementation that makes it right or bad or wrong.
Just think of Hitler: He had an idea of uniting all the Aryans in the world, He used it to rule the world (which is still OK, if it was just and accommodative), but the his implementation of this idea was wrong / bad. Similarly, Alexander, the great, also had an Idea of Greeks being superior, ruling the world, but he is not characterized as a big A***ole in history.
This argument can be very long, but I think I made my point on the ideas are ideas but implementation is what makes it good or bad.

I could not resist not commenting on "many ideas" concept, I just think that Convection is important in any idea you perceive. take the above examples and just think of the convection levels each of them

Suresh Choudhary said...


Thank you!
That was thought-provoking. It challenged some of my concepts!

John Milton said...

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Angelica Naomi said...

“Congratulations Suresh Choudhary! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.”

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